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Women compromise enjoyable and restful sleep to protect costly and time consuming beauty enhancements.  For decades, woman of color have spent hours in a salon to achieve precision of a coveted hairstyle spotted in a magazine, dawned by a favorite celebrity or uniquely designed by a hair expert.  It typically starts with being double booked with another anxious patron resulting in a 30 minute wait before the process begins.  When the time finally comes, a 1 hour shampoo, condition and drying or steaming session is in order before additional waiting while the finishing touches are placed on the patron booked 1 hour before you.  Let’s be clear, we know the routine and have already cleared our schedule, ate before arriving and have a back-up snack and beverage in our purse.  We don’t always mind the time we spend in a salon because often, it’s a nice break from the day to day and can be quite entertaining hearing stories about life, giving opinions on the topic for the day, catching up on some overdue reading or listening to your favorite podcast.  But eventually the time does come and the fun and creativity begins.  Fast forward 1 hour, when we are graced with a handheld mirror to see beautiful curls, sculpted styles, and silky smooth creativity.  The cost for such a beautiful indulgence varies but it’s not unreasonable to pay $100+ for such hairstyles.  We proceed to make it to our next destination, fighting the elements to protect our hairstyle at all costs, no matter how silly we look.  At this point, a grocery bag may become a rain bonnet because we left the umbrella in the car.  But what’s next?  How do we continue to protect and increase longevity of our hairstyles?
We no longer have to hang our head off the bed to protect a hairstyle or for stomach sleepers, roll a pillow under our chin to avoid eyelash extensions from being snatched from our pillows.  There is finally a solution to enable us to rest well and still wake up cute.  Cutezzz® is a patent pending pillow case with an additional U-shaped pillow to elevate one’s head to protect and enable longevity of hairstyles and eyelash extensions.  This improvement to the traditional pillow case allows an individual to use their favorite pillow, however with Cutezzz’s unique addition, beauty enhancements are protected and retained.

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